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Below Ground


Underground Water Tanks

Generalized Overview of Underground Water Tanks

Rainwater storage tanks in Western Australia are becoming more of a need than a want. Water tanks allow people to effectively collect and store rainwater for a variety of applications.
As droughts continue, and water restrictions are becoming permanent, more individuals, families and businesses in Perth, Western Australia have or are looking to purchase a water storage tank to harvest their rainwater.
As this demand increases so to do the products available for purchase. Rainwater tanks are increasingly being designed and manufactured to cater to the increasing demands of the consumer.
One increasing frustration with traditional rainwater tanks is the space they take up in your outdoor living area.
The design of underground rain water storage tanks has conquered that problem. Underground rainwater tanks are hidden and take up less space where it counts, in your outdoor living area.
Underground tanks do not affect your landscaping, and if the lid is reinforced you can even drive over the top of it!
Although the underground option may be more expensive to install, with the need for excavation, the resulting space, increased quantity and improved quality of the water certainly makes up for it.