Do you need a Rainwater Tank

Drought unfortunately affects large parts of Australia with average to below average rainfall in Western Australia.

Conserving water by using rain water tanks is becoming increasingly common in Perth Western Australia, and in rural areas of Western Australia they have often been a long standing and often crucial practice. Water restrictions and cash water rebates with the installation of rainwater tanks outline the increasing importance of rainwater tanks in Perth, Western Australia.

  • Rainwater tanks are designed to collect the rainwater that falls onto your roof. Rainwater tanks come in many different shapes, sizes and materials designed to suit your differing needs.
  • As a consumer you may require a very large tank for your farm in outer Western Australia, or you may live in Perth only have the space under your back patio to accommodate a tank, and want to use the harvested water to in your toilet and laundry.
  • Whatever your space and usage requirements, you can find a tank on to suit your needs.
  • Water tanks in Perth, Western Australia are used not only to reduce mains water usage, but for use with agriculture, for watering gardens, in washing machines, flushing toilets, and for drinking.
  • Most manufacturers and suppliers of water tanks for Perth consumers assure the highest quality of materials and accessories for their water tanks. Standardised fittings and accessories on most tanks that ensure hygienic storage of your water supply include filters for insects and pests.
  • If you are concerned about the environment, the shortage of water we have in Western Australia, your children’s future, and your hip pocket, purchasing a rainwater tank is an important decision.
  • There is a large selection of water tanks available to Western Australians; above ground tanks, under house eco sac bladders and underground tanks. All ranges of tanks are outlined in more detail for you on our website,
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