GreyFlow PS – Above Ground (Automatic)  

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The GreyFlow PS-AG product family is a genuine Greywater diversion system that is completely automated, simple to install, and can be added to existing homes or integrated into new ones. During activities like showering or laundry, the greywater is immediately redirected to your garden without requiring extended storage time. This innovative patented design minimizes health hazards, prevents mosquito and bacteria reproduction, and reduces the need for system upkeep. As a result, this Greywater recycling system has been recognized as the most low-maintenance option available on the market.

The GreyFlow PS-AG product family offers several advantages, such as:

  1.  Automatic diversion to the sewer during winter and power outages, which ensures fail-safe operation and protects the system from damage.
  2.  The system’s hygienic design is preferred by health regulators, and it can be paired with a soil moisture sensor or rain switch to prevent water runoff.
  3.  If needed, the system can be turned off using a timer or remote control switch to divert unwanted water to the sewer.
  4. With a 4″ inlet and outlet suitable for “whole of house” and commercial use, the system can spread Greywater over a large garden area.
  5.  When combined with the 6 stations GF-Rotor and the Grey Flow Drip-Tube, the system can irrigate up to 480 square meters of land.

The GreyFlow PS-AG product line offers a choice between manual clean filtration and automatic backflush filtration. Opting for the automatic backflush option means that you only need to clean your filters once per year, which significantly reduces the maintenance workload. Moreover, the GFPS-AG system is adaptable to almost any type of house design, whether it requires below ground, above ground, or partially buried greywater pipes. This makes the GFPS-AG a versatile and convenient option for anyone looking to retrofit their home with a greywater diversion system.

Pump size:

100W, 300W, 400W

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