Selecting a Rainwater Tank

There are some key factors to consider when selecting a rainwater harvesting system. It is not just simply a matter of selecting tank which is aesthetically pleasing or cost effective. These factors are of course important, however there are a host of questions needing to be answered before a final decision is made on a rainwater tank system.

Factors you should consider include:

What you will be using the rainwater you harvest for?

The purposes you intend on using the water you harvest for will in many cases have a direct effect on the tank system and especially the filtration devices you select.

Where rainwater is being utilised only for garden watering and/or car washing a final stage filtration system may not be recommended.

In many cases though, rainwater is being connected to other areas of the home including the laundry, toilet and potentially the whole of the home. In these cases a final stage filtration process maybe recommended as a safeguard against odour, sediment or discolouration of the rainwater entering the home causing a detrimental effect on appliances, fabrics or clothes.

Moreover, if you are considering using the rainwater for drinking purposes you will need to ensure your water tank meets Australian Portable Drinking Standards.

If you would like professional advice regarding what product would be best for your needs, please contact Perth Water Tanks. A qualified plumber can advise you of the best tank system and filtration system for you.

Do you have a large amount of space available for a water tank, or is your space very limited?

The amount of space you have avaliable for your water tank installation is a crucial factor. There are several options avaliable, above ground, below ground and below floor options. If the space  you have available is limited, a below ground or under house option maybe a good way to go.

In doing this though you should also seek professional advice as there maybe local health, building or planning regulations associated with the installation of your tank.

For detailed sizing measurements of the tanks available from different suppliers, please select from the suppliers in the Water Tank Types menu. A table is provided for each supplier under Product Details.

If you would like to discuss the options that are available to you with one of our qualified representatives, please simply fill in the contact form on this page, and we will contact you shortly.

What is the rainfall pattern in your area like?

Rainfall patterns differ significantly throughout Australia. The geographical factors associated with your location and the amount of rainfall experienced during a typical year will influence your choice of tank.

Information regarding the rainfall in different area is available from the Bureau of Meteorology. Combining the rainfall pattern in your area, and your roof size can give an indication of the size of water tank right for your home.

If you require assistance in calculating the rainfall in your area, or the size of your roof we can help.

Do you have a large roof area, or a small roof area?

Once you are aware of the rainwater patterns in your area, and your roof catchment size m2, you can calculate the amount of water you can potentially harvest. This forecast estimate can help you calculate the tank size that will meet your requirements. It is also important to factor in the amount of water you currently use, and the percentage of water which will be sourced from rainwater harvesting.

Can we help?

Uses for the rainwater you harvest, space available and rainfall patterns are all key factors to consider before you can purchase a tank.

If you would like professional advice regarding these key factors that need to be considered before purchasing a tank, please call one of Perth Water Tanks representatives on 1300 735 949.

Alternatively we can provide a Water Tank Audit for you. Please ask us how today.

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