Water Tank Installation

Can I install the water tank myself?

The type of water tank you decide to purchase will determine if you can or should attempt the installation yourself.

If you have some experience in plumbing, or a DIY person, you may be able to install an above ground water tank yourself. Suppliers may be able to assist you with installation techniques for their particular water tank. There are rules and requirements authorities have put in place for the installation of water tanks, including distance from the house and property line. Please make sure you are aware of them prior to installing the tanks yourself. If you are unsure, ask your supplier, or your local plumber.

For the DIY installers out there, some factors you may like to consider when installing your water tank would be; the gradient of slope from the downpipe to the inlet insuring rainwater flows effortlessly and continuously into the tank. Adding additional piping to the overflow will assist in directing excess water away from the water tank.

Underground tanks, bladders and tanks that connect to your toilet and laundry will need assistance with installation.

I’m building my new home; do I need to install a rainwater tank?

New legislation is in the process of being passed through government to require all newly built homes to install a water tank. If you are planning on building, please take the time to check local requirements.

Installing Multiple Tanks?

Manufacturers of rainwater tanks recognised the need for consumers to be able to increase the water harvesting capacities of their tank if required. Incorporated in the design of most water tanks is the ability to install multiple tanks, and to add on additional tanks to your pre-existing tank.

The amount of space you have available on your property for an additional tank is an important consideration when deciding if you should have multiple tanks installed. If space is limited and you need to conserve a large amount of water, you may want to look into alternative water storage solutions to traditional above ground tanks.

Water can be harvested into specially designed bladders stored in the wasted space under your house. Underground tanks are another option and these can be networked into water tanks arrays, some designed so vehicles can drive over them!

For more information on how to install a rainwater tank contact Perth Water Tanks

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