Water Tank Placement

There are regulations for the positioning of some water tanks, including the range of underground tanks available for purchase. If your local plumber is installing your tank, he or she should be aware of restrictions in your area. Otherwise, please check with your local government for regulations regarding the minimum distance required from the footings of your home and the perimeter of your property when deciding on the position and installation of your water tank.

Other than these regulations the size, shape and type of tank you purchase will influence the positioning of your rainwater tank.

Above ground tanks

Traditional above ground tanks need to be placed on a smooth level surface or paved area, ideally located close to existing downpipes or in a position where the inlet pipe reaches the water tank easily. Tanks should be positioned in shaded areas as direct sunlight may lead to temperature differences in the water. Placing tanks in the shade also reduces the amount of water that will be evaporated by the sun. Ensuring your tank is positioned away from trees reduces the amount of leaves, bird droppings and insects contaminating the water, and clogging the strainers. This will reduce the level of maintenance you will be required to carry out in the lifetime of your rainwater tank.

Underground and under house tanks

If space is limited and you need to conserve a large amount of water, you may want to look into alternative water storage solutions to traditional above ground tanks. Above ground tanks take up space and are often limited in the amount of water they can conserve, as they are only able to collect water from the side of your home closest to the connected downpipe.

Underground and under house bladders alternatively allow maximum downpipes to be connected to the water storage tanks, therefore maximizing the water that can be collected. Underground tanks are designed to be placed in almost any location on your property. Some are designed to allow vehicles to drive straight over the top of them, increasing the positions they can be situated on your property.

Bladder style water tanks are also a good alternative when space is limited as they are stored in the wasted space under your house, patio or decking area. The bladders are only required to have a 700mm height under your house or decking, and can be placed on a smooth level surface.

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